Our Products

We believe in being outstanding in our field, which means specialising at farm level and keeping a sustained level of attention throughout the supply chain. Our growers take great care of their produce and we have a responsibility to protect their brands. Our reputation will be built on consistent and quality deliveries!

Below you can see the full breakdown of our product availability and also navigate through to each item of produce.

Blueberries cccccccccccc
Figs cccccccccccc
Grapes cccccccccccc
Mangoes cccccccccccc
Medjoul Dates cccccccccccc
Pomegranate cccccccccccc
Strawberries cccccccccccc
Baby Veg cccccccccccc
Butternuts cccccccccccc
Potatoes cccccccccccc
Sweet Potatoes cccccccccccc
Avocado cccccccccccc
Grapefruit cccccccccccc
Lemons cccccccccccc
Limes cccccccccccc
Clementines cccccccccccc
Minneola cccccccccccc
Nadorcott cccccccccccc
Satsuma cccccccccccc