About us

Pacific Produce was created as the marketing arm of the La Calera group in order to provide a European connection to our clients, and to negate time zone inefficiencies, thereby providing our customers with a faster and better level of service. Since our inception, we have added a limited group of suppliers from several countries keeping to our philosophy of only dealing with the highest quality and the best brands.

Caring for the Planet


As a grower-owned company, we understand our role in the ecosystem in which we grow our fruit. Our farming operation is in its 4th generation, and everything we do is built upon long term sustainability. 

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Our mission is to work with a limited group of farms and customers in order to deliver an outstanding level of service.
A fruit centered and community driven company

La Calera

Our partners La Calera, are a family run Peruvian business that have been involved in agriculture for four generations. Their main focus has always been the sustained development of their stakeholders and having a positive impact on the community of the ever increasing area of influence (Alto Laran, Chincha, Ica).

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La Calera - Website


Andes Hens by La Calera

The project aims to help local communities in the Andes where food shortages are amongst the biggest issues. By providing families with hens La Calera is providing a sustainable and regular source of food. 
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